Technology & Facilities


Cyberknife, which we use at our centre, is currently the most advanced radiosurgery platform enabling highly precise radiosurgery treatments for the brain, spine and body organs.
Our team has very experienced group of neurosurgeons,radiosurgery expert,intensivist and dedicated neuro staff.
We have state of the art operation theatre fully equipped with best of instruments and technologies across the world.
OPMI PENTERO 900 Microscope equipped with ALA dye fluorescence facility
  • Endoscope with both cranial and spinal attachments
  • Electa Leksell Frame for Deep brain stimulation,lesioning and stereotactic biopsies
  • Navigation system : Navigation system for targeted approach to cranial and spinal tumors,making surgery accurate,with smaller incisions,less blood loss,less time consuming and making possible complete excision of tumors.
  • O Arm : provides us ability to operate on most complex of brain and spinal cases with accuracy and ease with considerable reduction in incidence of complications
  • Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring : for nerve sparing,epilepsy surgeries and deep brain stimulation
  • Cusa: to help safely remove tumors with location and consistency difficult to approach


Support Services

Comprehensive stroke care unit: The team includes, neurologists, interventional neuroradiologists, diagnostic radiologists, critical care specialists and neurosurgeons who provide 24/7 care to patients. Neurosurgical Operating Theatre: Equipped with intra-op MR facility, Image Guided surgery/stereotaxis, Neuroendoscopy, Neurophysiological Monitoring and intra-operative Angiography. ICU: With latest brain monitoring techniques (including Quantitative EEG, Transcranial Doppler).

Neuroimaging Facilities Included

3 TMRI 128slice CT that enables performance of CT & MR angiography & perfusion imaging, functional MRI & MR spectroscopy.