Epilepsy Program

Agrim institute of neurosciences offers consultations and continuous care to patients with seizure disorders. The program provides clinics as well as outpatient EEG diagnostic services, including routine EEG screening and monitoring. Comprehensive evaluation and treatment options are offered to patients in close cooperation with the department of neurosurgery.Expert and individually tailored treatment plans are provided for all patients even those with the most difficult to control seizures. These plans are designed to enable each patient to live full and productive lives.


When the diagnosis is not clear or a patient does not find relief through traditional antiepileptic drugs and seizure management, Agrim institute of Neuroscience offers advanced inpatient and outpatient evaluation and care. Patients referred to the institutes Comprehensive Epilepsy Program include children and adults who experience intractable seizures, poorly controlled epilepsy and seizure-like spells that may be associated with brain tumors and other conditions.Epileptologists work closely with doctors and staff trained in brain and nervous system surgery (neurosurgeons), radiology and nervous system conditions (neuroradiologists), mental health conditions and nervous system conditions (neuropsychologists), and other areas to deliver comprehensive care for people with epilepsy and other seizure disorders.


OPD consultations given to all the patients who can be managed through it. The patients are evaluated for the cause of seizures and for correct diagnosis. Through OPD most of the patients are investigated and followed up with a target of making each patient seizure free.

Neuropsychological assessment is also provided to all the patients. Counselling about good drug compliance and adverse effects of medicines is the most essential part of epilepsy management. Patients are counselled about the importance of this.

Individuals with epilepsy who are not controlled with medications are referred in our institute and are evaluated for epilepsy surgery. Indoor management for epilepsy patients are given to those who needs epilepsy surgery, or patients with new onset seizure and patients with status epilepticus. Patients are evaluated with 24 hr Video electroencephalographyand a team thereafter decides about the suitability of a patient for epilepsy surgery. Dr Aditya Gupta – a specialist epilepsy surgeon is the driving force behind the epilepsy surgery program