Epilepsy Specialist In Gurgaon

We provides consultations and ongoing Epilepsy Treatment in Gurgaon to individuals with seizure disorders. The program offers clinics and outpatient EEG diagnostic services, such as regular screening and monitoring. Patients get comprehensive evaluations and treatment options in close collaboration with the neurosurgery department. All patients, even those with seizures that are difficult to control, get expert and individually developed treatment strategies. These plans are intended to help each patient live full, productive lives. Dr. Aditya Gupta is the best epilepsy specialist in Gurgaon .

Epilepsy Specialist
Disorder Of Epilepsy

Disorders Of Epilepsy

When the diagnosis is questionable or a patient does not respond to typical antiepileptic medicines and seizure treatment, we provides advanced inpatient and outpatient analysis and care. Children and adults with intractable seizures, poorly managed epilepsy, and seizure-like spells that brain tumors and other diseases may cause are referred to the institute’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Program.

Epilepsy Specialist in Gurgaon team up with doctors and staff trained in brain and nervous system surgery (neurosurgeons), radiology and nervous system conditions (neuroradiologists), mental health and nervous system conditions (neuropsychologists), and other fields to provide comprehensive care for people who have epilepsy and other seizure disorders.


OPD consultations are given to all patients who can be dealt with using it. The patients are assessed to identify the root cause of their seizures and to ensure a precise diagnosis. Most patients are evaluated and followed up on by OPD, with the goal of making each patient seizure-free.


All patients have a neuropsychological evaluation. The most important aspect of epilepsy care is counseling patients on excellent drug compliance and the side effects of medications. Patients are counseled on the relevance of this.


Individuals with epilepsy who are not managed by medication are referred to our center and assessed for epilepsy surgery. Indoor Epilepsy Treatment in Gurgaon is provided to individuals who require epilepsy surgery, as well as those with new-onset seizures and status epilepticus.


Patients are screened using 24-hour video electroencephalography, and a team determines if a patient is a candidate for epilepsy surgery. Dr. Aditya Gupta, an Epilepsy Specialist in Gurgaon, is the driving force behind the epilepsy surgery program.